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140731 iQiYi - Wu Yi Fan & Xu Jing Lei

Xu Jing Lei on Wu Yi Fan
It’s harder to describe Wu Yi Fan (compared to the other lead actors)… He’s actually quite extreme, which is why I chose him. On one hand he has the cool aura of a celebrity but on the other hand he can be kinda dumb, like a kid. When he laughs out loud, everyone is stunned… 
(She says to Wu Yi Fan: When you laugh, you have to close your mouth)

Q: All the lead actors are so skinny…

When Yifan first joined us I felt that he was a little chubby so I didn’t let him eat. Now he’s a lot better. When he first arrived, he was tired because many things were happening, (his face) was puffy and he wasn’t sleeping well, so this could be the reason.

Q: Wu Yi Fan is a pretty boy who is handsome from all angles, in your eyes, do you see him as such? Do you consider yourself as his fangirl?

No I’m not, but he has many fans… I feel that Wu Yi Fan is a very photogenic guy, it can’t be helped, when you see him you’ll feel like taking pictures (of him). When I first met him in person, I felt that he didn’t disappoint me one bit, based on what I had seen on camera before. And I feel that he naturally has an aura which is like a celebrity’s. This is like a gift from the gods to him. I also feel that he is very capable. During this period, he has learnt a lot, which is not an easy task. And every day I would be “holding a whip” beside him to encourage him to learn more. The teachers would tell me to be realistic but I feel that (Wu Yi Fan) is smart - he is blessed by the heavens, is smart, so he should work harder. I feel that he is very hardworking, he learnt a lot, such as playing the piano and cello, and he has also gone for acting lessons. These are all with a notable level of difficulty, especially playing the cello, there are quite a number of parts in the song(s). The teacher(s) thought that it would be impossible for him to learn everything, but I was confident that he would definitely be able to learn it all. There are also no body doubles at all (so Wu Yi Fan is the one who is playing the cello for all the scenes.)
(Wu Yi Fan thanked her and said that he would continue to work hard.)

Q: Why don’t you pick an actor who is an expert? Why did you pick someone new who has to be taught from the basics?

[…] Our company usually chooses all the potential candidates (for the roles) and lays out their photos. I didn’t know all these new faces, but even amongst the many candidates, the moment I saw him (Wu Yi Fan), I thought that he was (suited for the role). I felt that he was outstanding, and I think that I have the foresight to make good choices amongst people (meaning Wu Yi Fan, and also the other lead actors). I feel that he has his own unique points, and is very clean reputation like his two female co-stars, which I feel is very important.

Wu Yi Fan on working with Xu Jing Lei
This is my first movie and first time working with Director Xu, firstly I would like to express that it’s a tremendous honor for me to be working with such great seniors and teachers. It’s a really happy time because regardless of whether we are filming or not, she has always given me a lot of help and has taught me a lot. When it comes to work, there’s no doubt she’s very experienced, professional, patient, and also also pays attention to details. Thus I feel that it is a great honor for me to work with her.

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